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Social Value International (SVI) is a leading global standard setter for social value, Social Return on Investment (SROI) and impact management. A registered charity with 25 national networks across the world and members in over 45 countries they work closely with international partners including the OECD, UNDP and contribute to the Impact Management Project (IMP) to set global standards for impact management.

Social Value Thailand (SVTH) was initiated by Social Value International. It is a network of leading organisations around the world. The objective is to set standards and develop personnel in social compensation assessment. SVTH aims to develop the framework for standard social index (ESG Index) and to promote a network of economic compensation experts. Society and the environment (Social Return on Investment) with commitment to “Social Value” have entered the process of management, implementation, decision-making and evaluation of achievement and success at the policy level. In addition, it also involves practice in all sectors to promote the allocation of resources, and budgets & support to create social value. All these will ultimately drive economic growth.

What We Do?

Our Network

Social Value International’s global network is made up of independent and locally-led organisations working at the forefront of social value and impact management. We all come together under a shared set of principles and values to help us achieve our collective mission – to change the way the world accounts for value. Social Value Network

We work with all of our Social Value Partner to co-designing training, deliver workshops, host events together, campaign for progress, and develop a global movement to change the way the world accounts for value

Past Event


Building on the success of conferences held in London, Milan, Istanbul, Taipei and Toronto (virtually in 2020), the SVM 2021 conference will be held in Bangkok, Thailand. The conference will bring together leading voices from impact investing, academia, policy making, corporate sustainability, and practice to create a truly global event that celebrates and advances the developments of social value and impact management.

  The changing way we account for value is the solution that need to help us transit to an equal and sustainable world, using a broader definition of value which, making decisions will allow us to achieve our shared visions of sustainable development. With SVM 2021, the social value movement is growing and our ideas have become mainstream. Join us to learn, be inspired, build relationships and be the part of the movement reshaping the world we live in.

·1st  Social Value Matters 2014: Create a better future at Italy

·2nd Social Value Matters 2015: Critical Mass at UK

·3rd Social Value Matters 2016: Impact Convergence at USA

·4th Social Value Matters 2017: More Than Ever at Turkey

·5th Social Value Matters 2019: Going Mainstream at Taiwan

·6th Social Value Matters 2020: Ideas and Leadership for a Sustainable Future at Canada

      More : www.socialvaluematters.com/aboutsocialvaluematters