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20th October 2021

BKK Time Zone



Welcome Speech

Ms. Sakulthip Keeratiphanthawong
Executive Director, Social Value Thailand


Opening Session

Ben Carpenter
CEO of Social Value International


Keynote Speech : Leading Our Transition to a Sustainable World SVI and its networks share a vision of a sustainable world where success is based on a broader definition of value. To achieve the SDG targets of 2030 we need decisions to be made based on measures of wellbeing and inequality not just on financial returns. #SVM2021 will bring together professionals from across all sectors and geographies to learn from and develop better ways to account for value and lead our transition into a sustainable world. In this session, we will hear how the social value movement, by changing the way we account for value, is leading the transition to a sustainable world and is vital if we want to achieve the SDGs by 2030.

14.00 – 14.30

Keynote Speech : The New Decade of Action towards the New Value and the New Economy Between now and 2030 we are all a part of Decade of Action, which calls for accelerating sustainable solutions to all the world’s biggest challenges — ranging from poverty and gender to climate change, inequality and closing the finance gap. Yet despite progress being made against the SDGs, COVID-19 has caused a severe human and socio-economic crisis that has tipped the world even further off track from achieving the global goals. Yet, despite the challenges faced, through the mobilisation of everyone, everywhere; through a sense of urgency and ambition; and through innovative ideas and solutions we are able to make a difference. This session will explore how new forms of value, and using wider defintions of value to make deicisons, will help us achieve our goals by the end of the Decade of Action and will discuss how the social value movement is leading the transition to sustainable world.


Refreshment Break and Exibition


Plenary Sassion : Transforming Decision Making to Achieve Sustainable Development As the world confronts major challenges such as rising inequality and a climate emergency, we must recognise that our actions need to be bolder and that achieveing the sustainable development goals requires a transformation in the way we make decisions. SVM2021 aims to inspire and equip attendees with the skills to change the way we make decisions. This panel will be a discussion between leading figures from different sectors and disciplines about the technical and leadership solutions needed to lead our transition to a sustainable world.

Gerbrand Haverkamp 
Executive Director of the World Benchmarking Alliance

Carol Adams 
Professor of Accounting at Durham University Business School, UK and Swinburne Business School, Australia

Ben Carpenter
CEO of Social Value International


Refreshment Break and Exibition


Keynote & Panel : Social Value Policy
Current and Future Government Roles and Actions for wider decision making To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, tackle the climate crisis, and improve wellbeing for all, action is needed across all sectors of society. This includes the policies of all government departments; the public sector at national, regional and local levels; the commitment and expertise of the third sector and civil society; harnessing the power and influence of the private sector; and working with and for local communities and the national population. This session will explore the latest legislation and public policies that can change the way governments make decisions about value and discuss how our legal frameworks can make us go beyond focussing solely on financial value to societies focussed wellbeing.

Amanda Janoo
Wellbeing Economy Alliance

Sarah Dobson
Executive Director, Esela, The Legal Network for Social Impact

Samantha Butler
Senior Policy Advisor

Isabelle Parasram
Social Value UK

Stephanie Robertson (Modulator)
Social Value Canada Founder & CEO, SIMPACT Strategy Group

Keynote & Panel : Accounting for value Model & Standard

This session will showcase and explore the most innovative examples of how accounting is changing to incorporate social and environmental value. Hear from leading experts, and be part of a discussion about how we can encourage more innovation and transition to a new normal by changing the way society accounts for value.

Caroline Rees (United State)
President and CEO of Shift

Andrew Watson (UK)
Founder Rethinking Capital

Rob Zochowski (United States)
Program Director Multi-Faculty Impact Investing and Sustainability Special Projects at Harvard Business School, Impact-Weighted Accounts, the Social Impact Collaboratory, and the Project on Impact Investments

Mark Gough (Modulator)

Keynote & Panel Valuation in the board room

This session will showcase innovative examples of how organisations are changing decision making at board level based on social and environmental valuations. Hear from leading figures about how conversations at a strategic level are evolving and be inspired to help your organisation be a leader as we transition into a sustainable world.

Shawn Doran

Keynote & Panel : Innovative and Impact solutions to enhance the regional collaboration in East Asia

Asian countries have undergone significant economic transformation and enjoyed dramatic growth in the past decade. Yet, there are still barriers in place for many to ensure the innovation that is essential for driving productivity, economic development and sustainability, all of which are critical for their future prosperity. In this session, we will explore how placing social impact at the heart of Asian economies and businesses will transform communities amd countries, and help us all achieve the SGDs by 2030.

Dr. Chien-wen Mark Shen
SV Taiwan

Corey Lien
DOMI Co-Founder & Chief Gardener, Co-Chairman & Co-Founder, Asia-Pacific B-Corp Association (APBCA)


Dinner & Networking & Exhibition / Lunch (EDT)


Keynote & Panel : The Incentives – The Business Case for Being Sustainable

Globally, sustainability challenges are becoming more material and are affecting companies long-term strategies and it is clear, for a variety of reasons, that climate change and inequality matter for a businesses success. But sustainabilty issues do not only create a risk, they also provide opportunities for diversification and businesses and the private sector are in an ideal position where they can help finance and address sustainability challenges in the years ahead that will help tackle not only global challanges, but also businesses success. In this session will discuss the business case for being sustianble and explore how embedding social value into deicsion making has emerged as a solution for a more sustainable economic growth in order to meet the need of consumers.

Kesaya Baba (Thailand)
COP26 Climate Change Attaché | British Embassy Bangkok

Sirikul Laukaikul (Thailand)
Country director, Sustainable Brands Thailand

Chia-Yuan Wu (Taiwan)
Director of EasyCard
Investment Holding

Keynote & Panel : Tackling Impact Washing – How Confident are We with Our Accounts?

Impact washing is dangerous to the growing industry of impact measurement because it creates skepticism and takes away credibility from people who truly care about the impact they’re having. Impact washing also creates a huge risk that we are not in fact meeting the impacts goals needed to achieve sustainable development and could have profound impacts of the achievement of the SGDs. In order to tackle impact washing, third party verification and assurance is needed and in this session we will host a discussion about the role of assurance of social and environmental impact and ask questions such as “How can we tackle the risk of impact washing?” and “What does good assurance look like?” and “how can we stimulate the demand for assurance and accreditation?”

Samantha Ross

Jeremy Nicholls (M)
Founder at AssuranceMark, The Investors’ Consortium for Assurance

Keynote & Panel : Digital Infrastructure for Accounting for Value

In the modern world, data and digital infrastructure play a central role in so much of the world around us and we have seen many examples of how data and the digital infrastruture has been use for good, and for bad. But in this session we will explore the innovative projects that are changing the way we collect, store and use data to make social value decisions and the impacts that this can have on the communities and societies around us. We will aslo adopt a future gaze, and discuss what we need to put into place to enable the trasnition to a world where data is democratised and utilised in real time.

Dr. Martin Burt
Poverty Stoplight

Sunit Shrestha (Modulator)
Co-Founder Change Fusion

Shanti Raghavan (KN)
Founder & Managing Trustee,
EnAble India

21st October 2021

BKK Time Zone



Opening Speech

Asst.Prof.Dr. Pairat Kanjanakaroon
Dean of Economics Faculty, Chiang Mai University


Keynote Speech : Creating Long Term Impact Through Creative Partnerships and Innovative Investments

In order to solve global challenges with lasting impact, it is vital that we engage in creative partnerships to maximise value, and that investments help encourage innovative solutions. In this session, we will hear from the Rockerfeller Foundation about how through the pracitices of partnerships and investments, measureable impact is being created in the areas of health, gender, poverty reduction, and environmental protection.


Plenary Session : The ‘Responsible Investor’ and How Do We Go Beyond ESG?

This session will examine the way investment is changing from impact investing, the rise of ESG and mainstream capital flows – we ask – who is the ‘hypothetical investor’? and despite the rise of ESG disclosure, what information really matters? Many economists will state that the only responsibility an organization has is to add value to shareholders but is this assumption changing and what do we need to see happen to transform the way decisions are actually made? Hear from leading figures in the world of investment.

Krisztina Tora (KN)
Chief Market Development Officer Of Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)

Amanda Feldman (Protugal)
Task Force on Inequality Disclosure

Ken Ito (Japan)
Director, East Asia at AVPN


Refreshment Break & Networking & Exhibition


Panel Session : Linking Climate Change to Social Inequality

In countries acorss the world, climate change is forcing people into a poverty trap and over the last 20 years, 8 of the 10 countries most severaly impacted by climate change have been low or lower-middle income countries. The highest price is already being paid, by those who are poor or marginalized, and it is clear that inequality is a perisistent issue in the climate change conversation and must tackled in cohesion with the climate emergency. In this session will explore how climate change reinforces and exacerbates inequalites, and how social value measurement and management can help tackle these issues together to reduce inequality and protect the environment.

Corey Lien
DOMI Co-Founder & Chief Gardener, Co-Chairman & Co-Founder, Asia-Pacific B-Corp Association (APBCA)

Sakulthip Keeratiphantawong
Co-Founder of Nise Corporation, B Corp Thailand, Social Value Thailand

Panel Session : Peace and Human Right – The Values of Our Society

In order to uphold the principles of social justice and remove some of the barriers that people face we, as a society, need to ensure that people are treated fairly, with dingity and with repsect, and that all people listened to and have a say over thier lives. Human rights, social justice, movements for peace and the social value movement are therefore all inextricably linked as they all work towards a more equal and peaceful society. Part of the process of achieving this is ensuring that people are treated with dignity and respect by those with public power, and in this session, we will explore how social impact and social value can be a valuable roadmap for medium to long-term processes within government and international organisations’, enabling them to achieve the objectives of an equal, peaceful and sustainable society.

Napan Santibhaddo Thawornbanjob (Modulator)
Thailand – Director,The Institute of Buddhist Management for Happiness and Peace Foundation (IBHAP Foundation)

Panel Session : Social Value in Public Infrastructure, Urbanisation and Built Environment

Cities and urban centres are often the places where health, wealth and quality of life inequalities are most keenly felt. They are also often on the frontline of climate impacts and are areas where we consume the most resources. With rapid global urbanization, the importance of understanding the relationships between the changing urban environment and human wellbeing is increasingly recognized and in this session will explore how public infrastructure and the built environment can either contribute to these issues, or provide the solutions and will showcase how social value thinking is changing the way our cities are being built.

Ann Bentley (UK)
UK Built environment

Rebecca Cain
Think Impact

Panel Session : Maximising Social Value in the Supply Chain

Diverse supply chains not only bring innovative ideas and solutions, but they can help businesses achieve their social and environmental impact goals, and with 80% of a business’s social and environmental impact incurred by its supplier base is it clear that the social impact of the supply chain cannot be underestimated. Yet despite the clear importance of measuring, managing and optimising social value in the supply chain, a 2020 report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Centre for Transportation and Logistics, and Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), found that 35% of businesses still do not have any sustainability targets within the supply chain. In this session, we will discuss how social value can be managed through the supply chain, and hear from a range of experts about their experiences in maximsing social value through and within supply chains to achieve organisational social and environmental impact goals.

Marc Buckley
UN SDG Advocate & Global Food.

(M) Patrick Stoop
Consultant general managing partner, C Lever

Jo Meehan
University of Liverpool


Refreshment Break & Networking & Exhibition


Panel Session : Circular Economy & Cosumer Power

COVID-19 has mean that global uncertainty has reached unprecedended levels. Economies have shrank, businesses closed, equality risen and life expantancies fallen. In order to recover from the pandemic, and ensure sustainable global prosperity, it is clear that we must adopt innovative measures in the way in which we account for value, allocate resources and make decisions. In this session, the panel will consider the advantages and tools needed to build a circular economy that can generate social value and protect the planet, all whilst enabling economic profit and the rebuilding of economies and communties.

Jirarot Pojanavaraphan
Managing Director of Saeng Charoen Grand Co., Ltd. (SC GRAND)

Panel Session : Expanding the Profession – Inspiring Youth and Diversity in Social Value

In order to expand the profession, enable a new generation of changemakers and create a lasting movement for change, it is vital that we ensure diveristy and youth engagement in the social value movement. This session will explore how we grow the profession of social value accounting and impact management to be diverse and inclusive, and equip future social value leaders with the skills to create transformational change. In this session we will hear from a panel of experts and leaders who have developed innovate models and programmes to ensure engagement and representation in the social impact sector.

Masechaba (South Africa)
Embedding Impact

Tanin Timtong
Co Founder & Managing Director at Learn Education

Mohammad Issa (Palestine)
Founder, Creativity Lab for Empowerment and Innovation

Irawadee Thawornbut (Modulator) – Thailand
Founded of Sandee For Good

Panel Session : Power & Making Decisions as a Community

SVI’s mission is to change the way society accounts for value through principles, practice, people and power. In this session we will be exploring how, if we are serious about creating positive social impact and meaningful change we must also be serious about ensuring a shift in power dynamics. In the panel discussion, we will hear examples of best practice from around the world where working with communities to dismantle power structures and ensuring decisions have been made as a community has led to positive impact.

Human Foundation and SV Greece

Simon F (M)
SVI Chairman

Ceyda Ozgun
Sosyal Etki Koordinatörü

Workshop : Leadership for Change

Equipping us for the future and Growing the movement


Refreshment Break & Networking & Exhibition


Impact Matching : Peer Learning Partnership

SDG Action Tool & Frameowrk Host by UNGC

Impact Matching : Social Impact Management Initiative

Social Impact Management Initiative

Impact Matching : BIA SDG Action Tool & Framework

BIA Demo : Becoming BCORP Community

Impact Matching : SVDHA – The International Development and Humanitarian

SVDHA: the International Development and Humanitarian Assistance

Impact Matching : SV Principles and a Multi Capitals Approach

SV Principles and a Multi Capitals Approach

Impact Matching : SDG Impact Practice Standards

SDG Impact Practice Standards

Impact Matching : SROI Practitioners-Case Sharing NIA / BAAN DEK Foundation (TH)

SROI Practitioners-Case Sharing NIA / BAAN DEK Foundation

Impact Matching : SE Roadmap Development (TH)

SE Roadmap Development


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Closing Speech – Conclusion to be SVM2022


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